Being the first Business to Business (B2B) company in the fast-growing information,  communication, and high technologies areas of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerconnect LLC provides varied services in line with international standards.

The Company was founded in 2013. Azerconnect closely follows the global trends against the background of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) and the processes of digitalization, digital transformation and in general digital globalization, that constitute the core of the processes of Industry 4.0 (The Fourth Industrial Revolution) in the world, and applies the best global practices in its activities.

The company offers optimal solutions in technical, information technologies, and other related directions that enable an increase in quality metrics and cost optimization for companies in the ICT sector in Azerbaijan. It should be noted that the services provided by Azerconnect for the first time in Azerbaijan in the field of ICT are based on international best practices and widely applied in many developed countries, including the United States and the European Union.

The Company has professional and experienced staff and employs about 1,400 local and foreign specialists.

Guided by the principles of customer orientation, business acumen, innovative approach, application of innovations, the Company improves the range of services, solutions and business processes, keeping abreast in the rapidly changing digital age.

Azerconnect’s mission is to provide fully comprehensive, centralized services, continuously improve business processes, and be a reliable partner in the ICT and high-tech market by providing innovative and flexible solutions to meet the distinctive needs and requirements of corporate customers.

The Company is a gold member of the Caspian Energy Club (CEC) and a regular member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan (AMCHAM).

The Company was awarded a certificate of Top Employer 2023 in Azerbaijan by the influential Top Employer Institute.

Azerconnect is part of NEQSOL Holding, an international group of companies operating across industries and countries. The business areas of the companies within NEQSOL Holding cover energy, telecommunications, high-tech, and construction industries in the UK, the USA, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, the UAE, and more.


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Acceleration of digitalization processes worldwide, as well as in our country, requires companies working in the fields of ICT and high technology to provide services and solutions that meet the demands of the new era.

As Azerconnect, we provide a wide range of services to companies operating in the ICT and high technology sectors of our country against the background of intense digitalization processes.

Azerconnect’s customers in the corporate sector include mobile and fixed network operators, Internet service providers, as well as companies operating in varied fields along with the ICT sector. Azerconnect currently provides services to Bakcell, AzerTelecom, GoldenPay, Azerfon, CityNet, Ultel, Data Plus, BBTV, AzQtel, and other companies.

The Company is distinguished by the superior services and experience it provides to customers and a wide range of career opportunities for its employees and the labor market in general.

We currently provide the following services to companies in the information and communication technologies sector.

Technical and network services:

  • Planning, installation and management of radio access network
  • Planning, installation and management of fixed networks
  • Planning, installation and management of fiber-optic backbone cable networks
  • Providing a full range of services for other network operations

Customer experience management services:

  • Organization of customer services with most advanced technologies
  • Modern call center service that meets international standards
  • Customer experience management service based on digital solutions

Information technology (IT) services:

  • Organization of IT customer and corporate management
  • IT demand and quality management
  • IT projects management
  • Implementation  of IT operations

Specialized financial, supply and logistics and other support services:

  • Supply, logistics and warehouse management
  • Providing a full range of services related to finance and for ensuring accountability in accordance with international standards

Strategic marketing and sales services:

  • Marketing and sales strategy development and execution
  • Development and management of sales channels
  • Development of digital sales services

Human resource services:

  • Organizational development
  • Performance management
  • Payroll and human resources operations
  • Talent acquisition
  • Revenue management
  • Effective reward system
  • Succession planning program
  • Competency based management


As Azerconnect, we provide our employees with an exciting and motivating work environment with high corporate values and culture, work towards their sustainable development, and open up a wide range of career opportunities for our employees and those who seek to work for our company.

Bringing forward best corporate, social and ethical standards in doing business, we ensure a safe work environment and workplace for our employees.

As a company, we have a clear strategy for human resource development and implement a wide range of activities aimed at professional development of employees. These include trainings aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of the company’s employees, their participation in various workshops and conferences, as well as internship programs abroad. These activities create the conditions for the sustainable development of our company, as well as further career progression for our employees.

By choosing Azerconnect as your place of work, you will get an opportunity to:

  • Work in a competitive, open and encouraging corporate environment
  • Gain experience and skills in the field of telecommunications
  • Cooperate with local and foreign professionals in a multicultural environment
  • Ensure development in career
  • Benefit from recognition and evaluation program

You can find new job opportunities in our company in the regularly updated "Our vacancies" section.

Contact us

Address: 8 November Avenue 113, Baku Bay Tower.
AZ1025, Baku, Azerbaijan
For general inquiries: info@azerconnect.az
For procurement related inquiries: procurement@azerconnect.az

P.: +994 12 310 13 13